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Xiamen Promotes Tourism and Culture in Nice


Organized by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Tourism, the 2017 “Fresh Fujian, Beautiful Xiamen” Tourism Promotion was held successfully at the Nice city hall on Feb.27, 2017. Mrs. YANG Qi, Director of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Tourism, personally lead a delegation from Xiamen tourism-related organizations to participate in the event. Nearly 150 representatives from French and Monaco tourism officials, tour operators and media were invited.

Mrs. YANG Qi made a passionate speech during the event. She introduces the development status of Xiamen Tourism and the varied tourism resources Xiamen owns. Xiamen is the “Garden on the sea”, and many places are a picturesque by themselves. Xiamen has Gulang Islet, which is a “architecture museum” of the fusion between Chinese and Western culture; the famous world cultural heritage “Fujian Tulou”, which represents the unique Hakka culture; the Kungfu Tea, a traditional Hokkien method to brew and taste tea; the Mooncake Game, a special celebration method of the Chinese Mid-autumn festival. Xiamen invites our French friends to come to Xiamen and enjoy an extraordinary leisure holiday at the “Chinese Nice”, Xiamen.

Xiamen and Nice are sister cities with many places in common. Both have a beautiful coast and have a fame for music. Both organizes important events every year. The tourism and cultural communications between the cities grows steadily these years. We will be continuing this pace to strengthen the friendship for future cooperation.

During the event, the promotion ambassador fir Xiamen tourism made a brief introduction of the Xiamen city and Fujian province. The folk culture, leisure, seaside tourism are the key recommendations. The Mooncake Game experience during the promotion brought happiness and laughter to everyone at the site. Everyone is fascinated by Xiamen’s beauty and interesting culture. Many are eager to go to Xiamen for a romantic encounter..Some reporters and tour operators are also invited to come and participate in the coming Xiamen-Nice International Carnival.

2017 Xiamen-Nice International Carnival 丨 May 11-14 2017 丨 Tel: (China) +86-(0)592-5929600 (France)+33(0)4 92 14 46 14 - Imagetrans Group

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